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Intentional development & circular economy

At Kanghong, we’re committed to intentional production and working within a circular economy.

Each year, nearly 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in the oceans, 80% of which comes from land-based activities. Becoming a responsible company that strives to act in favor of our planet was therefore an obvious choice for Kanghong. Thus, we prioritize renewable and recycled materials at the heart of our work.

Responsible thinking about design, production and logistics is important to us. We not only wanted to bring you eyewear at the fairest price, but also to drive positive change in the eyewear industry.

ISCC Plus certification for greater traceability and transparency

The ISCC Plus certification allows the use of biobased raw materials (of vegetable or pulp origin) or materials from post-consumer chemical recycling. This internationally recognized certification proves that the traceability of the origin of raw materials is ensured throughout the chain up to the transformer. It allows to attest to the end customers the sustainable development approach and the use of renewable sources from biomass or recycling.


The ISCC Plus (International Sustainability Carbon Certification) has demanding criteria:

- Compliance with the requirements for the production of bio-based materials

- Traceability of their origin

- Documentation of the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, compared to materials from fossil resources


More information about the certification process and the ISCC Organisation can be found here

The ISCC plus is awarded by a certification body, which then audits each certified member annually. It is important to note that each company in the processing chain, from raw material collection to processing, including the material manufacturer and distributor, must be ISCC certified in order to be able to issue the Biosourced Mass Balance certificate.

Kanghong is committed to quality

The factory is a SEDEX member, which includes regular SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) to confirm safe, legal, and ethical working conditions. Kanghong is also a signatory of the UN Global Compact.

Plastic Bottle at Beach

Kanghong cares about the environment

At Kanghong we are committed to supporting environmentally friendly practices in everything we do.


From the small things like recycling our waste - to the big things like product design, development and re-use - our company is proactively managing our impact on the environment. As a customer, you should know that we work with our suppliers and business partners to ensure the highest environmental standards. We also work with third-party testing services to certify our products.

At Kanghong, we believe in doing everything we can to support a healthy environment and we stand behind every product we make. It’s just the right thing to do.

Thinking responsibly about design

A big part of the frames injected in our factory are made entirely from renewable or recycled materials.

In April 2022, we were the first factory in the world to deliver sunglasses 100% made with recycled plastic (frame + lenses) - Tritan Renew from Eastman (pictured here).

In 2020 we launched plastic frames made from Envision’s OceanBound recycled plastic waste. Envision works to salvage plastic waste at risk of reaching our oceans. They work with coastal communities that lack formal waste collection programs and provide payment to local residents who collect plastic trash. The waste is then sorted, washed, and turned into a resin that we can use for our frames.

By sourcing plastic from this company, we help smaller communities with fewer resources, including several in Haiti and on the Mexican coast.

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